About us

Risse & Co GmbH , founded in 1960, is your specialist in manufacturing injection molding parts �made in Germany. We are an independent company which provides our clients and partners with the maximum level of security. As a proof of quality, all of our products are certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN 9100.

We have established long-term relationships with the majority of our clients and partners, striving for best service and complete product reliability. We always tailor our projects to our clients' needs, in order to offer them the most flexible solution they can get.

More than 650 clients from different kinds of industries have already profited from our service. We supply solutions for clients in the field of medicine technology, food technology engineering, sanitary and water technology as well as aerospace technology. Over 150 employees as well as 13 apprentices work for Risse & Co GmbH. For many years we connect our employees through the "Risse Mitarbeiter Gesellschaft" (RMG) - our own employee association. Therefore we can provide full service from planning to the actual manufacturing of your requested product.

We focus on manufacturing of high performance polymers, replacing metal and metal replacements by polymers. Moreover we offer excellent consulting, own tool manufacturing as well as simulation technology for best quality and efficiency of all quality parts.

The advantages of manufacturing of high performance polymers continuously become more popular and recognized within our line of business. Not only lower costs but also the reduction of weight as well as the better handling and design convince our clients. Having produced hundreds of tons of high performance polymers within one year, Risse is one of the biggest specialized injection molders in Germany.

We are pleased to help you develop your potential. Get in touch with us and profit from the advantages of polymers as well.