Development support, mould-fill simulation, prototyping

Since 2009, we offer Cadmould fill simulation for proper and fast development. The software simulates the injection molding process from the filling to the holding pressure phase, up to the warpage of the cooled molded part. Hence, the whole injection molding process can be calculated and simulated with the help of this software. Since Cadmould is already supporting our qualified mould manufacturer during the conceptual phase, we can achieve best quality and economic sustainability for your company.

With the help of our 3D-printer, it is also possible to manufacture a tangible prototype of the requested molded part , made of robust ABS-polymer, afterwards. Due to the material used, the prototype can already be integrated in the test phase. Thus, the tool manufacturing department can recognize the need for modification or optimization at an early stage and implement changes immediately. Therefore, we cannot only offer best functionality but also maximum efficiency.