For us quality means to fully meet our clients expectations and requirements – on the one hand the requirements which are part of the contract but also those which are expected by nature. (ISO9001) We measure our work based on these principles.

Hence, we focus on a thorough quality policy. We guarantee our clients high quality, maximum security and minimum risks.

With our modern controlling and measurement methods we supervise, keep track and evaluate all processes, so that it is possible for our clients to revisit the stages of the process at all times.

Apart from that, our quality management system has been accredited by certificates as DIN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 9100 from TÜV Nord for many years.

As a family company it is important for us to recognize, strategically develop and invest in our intellectual capital. Started in 2009, we complemented an intellectual capital report which is used as a management instrument in order to increase our strengths and invest into the sustainability of our company.

Listed below you see a list of our clients, with whom we established a long-term collaboration and who would recommend us to new clients for further projects.

9100-EN-2021 ISO-9001-EN-2021